Sarah Plant
Henley on Thames based Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor

 “Let me help to empower you to write your own future” 

We are all likely to have times in our lives when we encounter difficulties and struggle to make sense of what is happening.  As a counsellor I am trained to listen and interact in a way that will help to identify the root of your emoitional concerns in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environement.

Counselling can help you make better sense of the feelings that you experience and enable you to feel more confident about how to manage difficulties in the future.  As you gain a better understanding of yourself it is possible to improve how you understand and relate to others.  I, therefore, work with your emotions and feelings rather than with your mind to bring about healing.

Who am I

I am a qualified counsellor and a member of the National Counselling Society.

I offer Emotional Therapeutic Counselling, which is a person centred therapy. Emotional Therapeutic Counselling holds the belief that many of our struggles in life are emotionally based and that our feelings do not respond to logical thought.

I therefore, work with your emotions and your feelings, rather than with your mind to bring about healing.

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a varied career having owned a number of successful hospitality businesses and have travelled extensively giving me a wider understanding of different cultures and viewpoints.

How I Work

Based from my quiet and peaceful home which is within walking distance of Henley town centre and the railway station I offer daytime and early evening appointments.

Your initial consultation, which is free of charge, and will usually last approximately 30 minutes will allow us to explore counselling options and how comfortable we are with each other.   This is important as the counselling relationship must be based on mutual trust and values.

All sessions will be treated with the strictest confidence and you can rely on my absolute discretion.